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Vic Ryan of Boulder passed away January 3, 2014 at Boulder Community Hospital, after a series of long-term illnesses left him unable to win a battle with pneumonia. He was 70. Vic was born February 15, 1943 to Lowell and Gertrude (Keys) Ryan in Springfield, Il. He graduated from Northwestern University and subsequently received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan in 1970. That same year he moved to Boulder to start as a professor in the psychology department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He remained as a professor at CU until 2003, strongly committed to teaching both undergraduate and graduate students. Vic married his wife, Barbara, on Christmas Eve in 1976. They had two children, David (Demetrius "Bristen" Riley) Ryan and Jenny (Casey) Carman. His grandchildren, Selah Ryan and Chase Carman, were the lights of his life and a source of great joy, just as his children had been and continued to be. His love for his family brought both pride and gratitude that he saw his children settled with wonderful spouses and families of their own. His one regret would be that he wasn't able to stay long enough to meet the grandson due on his birthday in February. In addition to psychology, Vic's curious mind led to a fascination with reading about astronomy and physics. He would have been first in line to travel to distant stars and planets; we can be comforted by the hope that he now has some answers to the questions that motivated his search. His children, their friends, and anyone else who visited our home, also know he likely had the largest movie collection in Boulder. Beyond this, he loved his dogs, who kept him good company in the final years of his life. He and his family very much appreciated the excellent care and compassion he received from his doctors, both those who provided ongoing care and the doctors and nurses in his final days in intensive care. Vic volunteered for CareConnect and was heartened by the sense that he could contribute something of value in spite of his illnesses. Vic's life will be celebrated with a small service for family and close friends. In lieu of flowers, our family asks that donations be made to Boulder County CareConnect ( or to Mental Health Partners ( ), both worthy organizations with missions that he believed in. Published in The Boulder Daily Camera on Jan. 7, 2014 

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01/08/15 02:15 PM #9    

Mary Graebel (Hofmann)

I've been driving to Florida these past days so have missed all the delightful memories.  In talking to Ann Zelle on the way down she didn't realize that Arnold School had such distinguished alumni, small class sizes, burnt coal cinder playground on which we played softball and kickball, extensive recesses depending upon who Mrs. Krueger was talking to on the phoine, ourstanding square dance records- push your desks back and away we go, excellent canasta instruction and best of all, oral arithmetic contests which have served me well my whole life.  We had the Blue Bell or Blue Bird Club and I still have the minutes in my basement.  We had the Christmas drama and our marvelous band!  The whole school walked to Marilyn Miller's house to watch the Eisenhower inaugural as they had the only TV around.  The death knell for Arnold school was the development of Lindsay Place.  By 4th grade our numbers had swollen to 13. 

Oh, and by the way Jack, I admit I scratched limitless paint off your new bike learning to ride but never stole your toys!






01/08/15 03:35 PM #10    

Mark Heisler

I was a visitor in the neighborhood, but I remember the count on Vic's sloping driveway where he'd take his line-drive jumper from the corner, which was about 8 feet from the hoop. (The standard was the wide, flat court at Jack Hatcher's.)... Vic would be wearing his sweatshirt with the arms cut off. Not that it means anything, just the way I remember him.... Great guy. Smart guy. We weren't in touch after SHS but I miss him. 

01/08/15 07:39 PM #11    

Gene Alice Day (Costello)

Dear friends,

I am including a note from Cytree Giachetto Budde. When I mentioned to her about about Vic's obituary, she asked to post her memories of him even thugh she was not an SHS alumna. The Giachetto family lived next door to Vic's family.


01/09/15 05:12 PM #12    

Marilyn T. Miller (Maurer)

Marilyn Miller Maurer

I agree, the neighborhood was the BEST! Met many people when I was cutting through their backyards to get to the fun ...One of my memories of Vic...his family had tickets and back stage passes to see Gene Autry..Yes, the singing coyboy! Life didn't get any better! And greatful we didn't need Vic's binoculars! Vic was very kind, funny and very very smart! I know he will be missed by many! My prayers go to his family and friends.Mary, loved your memories of Arnold (didn't remember some) but will never forget we had to polish the floors and clean the bad bathrooms.. Marilyn Miller Maurer

01/09/15 05:48 PM #13    

Gene Alice Day (Costello)


So glad to see a few words from you. One memory about Arnold I'll never forget was our bicycle accident on the way home from school. Going down the big hill on your bike (right), we swerved over into the gravel and really wiped out. Of course, no cell phones, but how did we reach your Mom that we needed help? Hope you are well - would be fun to see you in the future sometime.


01/09/15 08:30 PM #14    

Bob Anderson

Gene, following your lead in posting Cytree's memories, I asked Bob Carter if he'd like to post something. (For those who don't know, Bob was two (three?) years ahead of us, but his and Vic's backyards were back to back, so he was part of the neighborhood and a friend of Vic's. And as I mentioned before, it was Bob who let us know about Vic's passing.) This is what Bob sent:

Thanks, Bob, for sending all the wonderful comments about Vic from his neighbors and classmates. I know nothing about pyrotechnics in the street, nor binoculars, nor buried toys but he and I shared many good times through the years. I recall shooting baskets on Vic's driveway -- not for love of basketball, but hoping Cytree would come out and shoot hoops with us. I believe she did -- once. Even though I was a little older and not a member of your class, I often joined you all in kick the can, seven steps around the house and, of course, basketball on Hatcher's court. Vic was a frequent participant in those games. I'm glad I got to visit him in 2012. We had a great time talking about old times. I took a picture of his old house to him. He had requested it. I think it meant a lot to him. By the way, if no one objects, I would like to send a copy of everyone's remarks to Barbara, Vic's wife. Maybe that has already been done. If not, I will plan to do it. Hi to everyone.   - Bob Carter

01/10/15 01:03 AM #15    

John 'Jack' Hatcher

Bob Carter.......ok with me.

Vic and I purchased some smoke powder at Alvies Cigar Store across from the Senate Theatre after a double feature. Went to Vics house, up in his room and proceeded to light a tablespoon full. Didn't realize it would fill the upstairs with thick white smoke. Stopped his grandmother from calling the fire department just in time.Among our adventures we set Mr. Lairds yard on fire, fled from the owner of the candy store across from Butler school, developed a quart jar of gun powder for a homemade rocket,hid under his Mom's bed while she changed clothes,and acquired ever 3D comic book that came out one year.Enjoyed the fun times together as friends. He is missed.

01/10/15 09:09 PM #16    

Gene Alice Day (Costello)

Vic at Arnold School middle of back row  1953

01/11/15 03:57 PM #17    

Sandy Durning (Bauer)

I'm just chuckling at the neighborhood memories of Vic and others. Those were the days when kids could run around, have fun outside and be crazy. Looking at that school picture, I'm dying at the decorated bulletin board and Mary's comments of Mrs. Krueger..."extensive recesses depending upon who Mrs. Krueger was talking to on the phoine, ourstanding square dance records- push your desks back and away we go, excellent canasta instruction and best of all, oral arithmetic contests which have served me well my whole life." Just proves that Common Core standards don't have a whole lot to do with success in life. 

I remember Vic at SHS...brilliant with a nice smile. I think he was one of those who carried a slide rule on his belt. Somehow, I always thought he'd be an engineer. A clinical psychologist and professor probably do fit his kind personality.

01/13/15 02:46 PM #18    

Todd Starbuck

Although I flew mostly under the radar during my year at SHS, I did get to know Vic outside of class by virtue of occasional penny ante poker games in Bob ("R.B.") Blunk's rec room.  (Anybody been in a "rec room" lately?)  John Morse, Dave Wilson & Mark Heisler were other regulars, as I recall, but Vic sometimes would fill a seat at the table.  I think Vic may have been dating some senior year.  This was not an activity which limited the availability of any of the rest of us (except perhaps Mark?), leaving plenty of time for cards & other diversions.  I've enjoyed reading the remembrances of Vic by classmates from "the old neighborhood," & they reinforce my own impression of him as a calm, intelligent, all-round "good guy."  For the record, I found such positive traits to be the norm among the members of our class.  A special time & place for which we can all be grateful.

P.S. I checked Vic's entry in the Capitoline just before posting this.  Glad I did.  How was he described?  "... (A)n all-round nice guy."  I swear I didn't crib from the yearbook! (LOL)

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